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This Thanksgiving, #HolidayResponsibly

We recognize the difficulty of cooking the bird, making sure the stuffing is just right and tidying up the house for guests, while keeping tabs on your adult beverage count.

When celebrating Thanksgiving with your family and friends this year #HolidayResponsibly:

  1. Hosting: If you’re the one stuffing your house with family and friends, and serving alcohol, make sure you’re also providing a responsible atmosphere by providing food, water and non-alcoholic beverages as alternatives. Our recent #HolidayResponsibly survey results showed the majority of Americans (63%) don’t know the legal blood-alcohol concentration limit for drunk driving in their state, so make sure your guests have a plan to get home safely.
  2. Hometown Reunions: Old friends reunite and meet at their local bars. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is known as “Blackout Wednesday.” Some then get behind the wheel after overconsuming. Eighty-One percent of people in that same survey said they would feel confident to help a friend or guest who may have consumed too much get home safely.
  3. If You Choose To Drink, Be an Educated Consumer: From that survey one last time, 31% of Americans use the number of drinks they’ve consumed to determine if it’s too much. Is that an accurate way to measure your level of intoxication? Try our Virtual Bar instead to know your limits before the night begins.

Thanksgiving is a time for recognizing the importance of family and friends. By being responsible and safe during it, you’re ensuring those who are thankful for you can reunite with you year after year.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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