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Traffic Safety Spotlight: Ed Wood & Jen Knudsen

Colorado is home to some of the most innovative leaders in traffic safety. This year, proudly awards two Coloradans the Kevin E. Quinlan Award for Excellence in Traffic Safety to two traffic safety advocates: Ed Wood of DUID Victims Voices and Jen Knudsen of the Colorado District Attorney’s Office.

  • Ed Wood – President, DUID Victim Voices – Across Colorado, Ed Wood advocates for stronger drug impaired driving (DUID) laws including the 2017 passage of HB 17-1315 (alongside 2017 Leadership Award winner Representative Jonathan Singer D-11) which serves as a model legislation for the nation. HB 17-1315 required the State to collect, analyze and publish DUI and DUID data from Colorado courts, laboratories and state agencies annually. Colorado will now know which drugs and drug combinations are the most prevalent in DUIs which show how the conviction rate differs between DUI-alcohol related cases and DUID cases. You can learn more about Ed’s work with Colorado’s DUID laws in his book, Weakest In the Nation.  Tragically, Ed’s son was killed by a drug impaired driver. Today, Mr. Wood represents the interests of victims while providing fact-based education to law makers and to the public through his work with DUID Victim Voices. His work gives voice to victims’ perspectives and seeks to enact lasting change on Colorado roadways and in communities. Additionally, Ed Wood works with the We Save Lives organization to end drunk, drugged and distracted driving. Empowering the victims of impaired driving provides the crucial human element to the fight to end impaired driving. We applaud Ed Wood’s good work and commitment to making our roadways safer for all.


  • Jen Knudsen Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor (TSRP), Colorado District Attorney’s Office - As TSRP, Jen Knudsen produces training programs to tackle cutting edge issues in impaired driving for prosecutors, law enforcement, and other prosecutorial partners. She also acts as a resource to traffic safety professionals in-state and nationwide, produces and edits the Colorado Prosecutor’s DUI Manual, works on state and federal legislation related to traffic safety issues, and oversees the maintenance and creation of online resources for Colorado’s prosecutors. She is also a member of the Colorado DRE Advisory Committee and the MADD Law Enforcement Awards Selection Committee. Additionally, Jen works and shares her expertise with the National Traffic Law Center (NTLC), the National District Attorneys Association (NDAA) and the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT). Jen Knudsen’s track record of commitment to ending impaired driving is a testament to her passion for public safety.

We would like to extend a special thanks to the Colorado Department of Transportation for presenting the Quinlan award to Ed and Jen on behalf of Please join us in celebrating these leaders in the fight against impaired driving. Follow us as we highlight their achievements on our social media handle: @goFAAR.

Presented by Loveland Police Chief and Chair of the Colorado Task Force on Drunk and Impaired Driving Bob Ticer and Colorado Highway Safety Office's Kim Ferber

Each year, highlights leaders who have distinguished themselves in the fight against impaired driving with the Kevin E. Quinlan Award for Excellence in Traffic Safety. Winners range from Members of Congress to local leaders in our communities and each have gone above and beyond their station to make our roads safer.


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