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Twenty-Four State Legislators Honored For Fighting Impaired Driving And Underage Drinking

Each year the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility recognizes State Legislators who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to prevent impaired driving and underage drinking. This year, we have honored 24 state legislators from across the nation with our 2017 Leadership Award for their dedication to ending impaired driving and underage drinking. The contribution that each of the awardees made to their communities is impressive. Some legislators championed treatment programs and prevention efforts for underage drinking, while others introduced bills to make their roads safer.

Please join us in celebrating the following recipients:

  • Colorado Representative Jonathan Singer (D – District 11)
  • Colorado Representative Polly Lawrence (R – District 39)
  • Colorado Representative Rhonda Fields (D – District 29)
  • Colorado Representative Robert Gardner (R – District 12)
  • Florida Representative Bryan Avila (R – District 111)
  • Florida Representative James (JW) Grant (R – District 64)
  • Florida Senator Anitere Flores (R – District 39)
  • Maryland Representative Geraldine Valentino-Smith (D – District 23A)
  • Maryland Senator Justin Ready (R – District 5)
  • Maryland Senator Wayne Norman (R – District 35)
  • Montana Representative Nate McConnell (D – District 89)
  • Nevada Representative Richard Carrillo (D – District 18)
  • Nevada Senator David Parks (D – District 7)
  • Nevada Senator Mark Manendo (D – District 21)
  • Nevada Senator Nicole Cannizzaro (D – District 6)
  • Nevada Senator Tick Segerblom(D – District 3)
  • South Carolina Senator Charles Hutto (D – District 40)
  • Oklahoma Representative Scott Biggs (R – District 51)
  • Oklahoma Senator Kim David (R – District 18)
  • Texas Representative Senfronia Thompson (D – District 141)
  • Texas Senator Brian Birdwell (R – District 22)
  • Utah Representative Lowry Snow (R – District 74)
  • Utah Representative Todd Weiler (R – District 23)
  • Washington Senator Mike Padden (R – District 4)


Madeleine Spjut is an Associate in the Governmental Relations and Traffic Safety department. In this role Madeleine cultivates relationships with elected officials and law enforcement leaders, assists with legislative outreach and performs a variety of other tasks such as accounting and coordinating event logistics.

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