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Come On Uncle Jesse!

Waking up to news that a celebrity did something irresponsible in Beverly Hills on a Friday night, sadly, isn't always shocking news.  When it's a childhood icon who just got their career motoring again it's a whole different story.  Late last night John Stamos​ was pulled over and cited for driving under the influence.  This is particularly disappointing because Uncle Jesse, of Full House fame, was notably back.
It seemed to be the beginning of a big comeback for the 90s star.  He was starring in catchy yogurt ads, a much anticipated Full House reboot on Netflix and was the bell of the ball this year at the White House Greek Independence Day celebration.


Don't celebrities have Lyft? Call a cab, bro. Or, I don't know, you're a celebrity, hire someone to drive your butt around. What would his TV family on his new FOX show Grandfathered think about last night's decisions? He is a grandfather now after all.  Have mercy Uncle you're better than this.  It's completely irresponsible to get Jesse-and-the-Rip-roaring-drunk and get behind the wheel.


This morning as the beloved star is waking up, probably with a pounding head ache, he's also got a potential career ending situation on his hands. Last night's drunken joy ride in his silver Mercedes could cost way more than medical bills and some nasty tweets. TMZ says he was so out of it, police felt he needed immediate medical attention. Paramedics transported him to the hospital where he was treated and charged. No word on the premiere date for the Full House reboot, but something tells me it won't be on September 11th, John is due in court that day for his irresponsible DUI.
Tommy McFly from Washington, DC's 94.7 radio station.
Tommy McFly from Washington, DC's 94.7 radio station.

Tommy McFly is a Washington, DC radio personality on 94.7 Fresh FM and hosts The Tommy Show.

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