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Welcome our #TalkEarly bloggers for 2015!

Alcohol #Responsibility Month is underway and we’re calling on our #TalkEarly bloggers, an expert team of parenting bloggers, to write about how they talk with their kids about alcohol.

This year, we’re continuing the conversation and have a new parenting team ready to tackle tough conversations and answer your questions. Here’s a summary of their first post talking about Alcohol Responsibility Month and what they learned from our #TalkEarly Summit this past January. Get all the info on the posts below and make sure to keep up with these bloggers as they cover different areas of alcohol responsibility, and talking early and often with kids, throughout the year.


Jessica Shyba, creator of Mommas Gone City, spoke about her role as a mother to guide her kids into a more responsible light in her post “Living Mindfully.”


Christine Koh from Boston Mamas, sends a powerful message about being a positive role model in front of your kids, and even online, where you probably don’t think they’re keeping their little eyes on you. Find her post, “Alcohol Consumption & Social Media: What Message are You Sending to Your Kids?”



Casey Carey-Brown, the personality behind Life with Roozle, takes you through a conversation she had with her daughter about why adults can drink alcohol and kids can’t. This account of a candid conversation is a great way to see what questions other little ones have expressed about the dangers of underage drinking. Read her post “Talking with My 6-year Old about Alcohol Responsibility.”


Thien-Kim Lam, the mind behind I’m Not the Nanny, wrote “Rethinking “Mommy’s Special Drink” Talk” explaining that maaaaybe you should take a second to think before exclaiming you NEED a drink at 5:00 on Friday, “…especially if their behavior is the cause of our stress.” Read it here.


Anna Luther, creator of My Life and Kids, gave great insight into what resources helped her talk with her kids about alcohol and how she’s now more mindful of how she consumed alcohol, especially around her kids. Find her post “Talking with your kids about alcohol” here.


Jen Mann, author of People I Want to Punch in the Throat, wrote “Figuring Out Why I Drink” talking about her experience hearing other moms talking about alcohol, especially online, and how to model that behavior. “I know what you're saying: "But I don't tell my kids they drive me to drink. You didn't either, Jen. You texted your friend. Your kids have no idea!" Yes they do. Kids are smart. They watch us all the time and learn from our behavior.”


Juliana Miner explains how alcohol intake after hours can add up to be taxing on your body and your mind the next morning. Hear how she calorie counts her way to an insightful post, “What I learned about managing stress, talking to my kids and mommy’s me time.”


Fadra Nally is one of our veteran #TalkEarly bloggers from All Things Fadra. Her post “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere which means it’s time to talk about alcohol” follows her thought process behind the difference between alone time and what it means to “need a drink” on online lingo.


Frederick Goodall talks about his experiences to write his post “Using your past to talk to your children about alcohol” on his blog Mocha Dad.

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