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Alcohol 101+

Making Safe and Responsible Decisions on Campus

Alcohol 101 Plus™ is an innovative, interactive program which helps students make safe and responsible decisions about alcohol on college campuses. Set on a "virtual campus," Alcohol 101 Plus™ includes a "Virtual Bar," and content targeted to at-risk populations - first-year students, Greeks, student athletes, and judicial policy offenders.

Realistic scenarios highlight the specific issues, challenges, and decisions these groups face regarding alcohol in a college setting and provide students and educators with the opportunity for reflection and discussion. The program includes an interactive alcohol education game which teaches the user about how alcohol affects an individual's health, performance, and decision-making.

Alcohol 101 Plus™ enables educators to administer online pre- and post- surveys for students, access test results, and access downloadable educational materials including a Facilitator's Guide with learning objectives and recommended activities for each content section of the program.


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