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Hosting Responsibly

Drinking Responsibly this Fall

To ensure that your event is enjoyable for all, please keep the following responsible drinking tips and practices in mind:

  1. Plan Ahead for Transportation:
    We strongly urge everyone to plan their ride home in advance. Consider encouraging your guests to use public transportation, take a rideshare service or a taxi, or arrange for a designated driver to ensure a safe journey home.
  2. Eat Well:
    Prior to and during the event, please ensure you and your guests have access to food. Eating helps slow down alcohol absorption and supports responsible and enjoyable drinking experiences. You'll want your guests to be drinking with some food in their stomach, as this helps mitigate how quickly they'll feel the effects of alcohol. Want to save money and keep the kitchen stocked for your gathering? Asking everyone to bring a side dish can help you spend less without anyone going hungry.
  3. Pace Yourself:
    Savor the flavors and take your time when enjoying the drinks. Remember, it's not a
    race, and moderation is key.
  4. Alternate with Low- and No-Alcohol Options:
    Zero-proof cocktails come in many creative, delicious alternatives, while also keeping friends and family that abstain from drinking in on the fun. Keep everyone hydrated by alternating between alcohol and water or low-/no-alcohol beverages. If you’re hosting a party of any kind, make sure you have non-alcoholic options for designated drivers and anyone who chooses not to drink.

As responsible members of our community, we have a duty to ourselves, our colleagues, our communities, and our families to make responsible choices when consuming alcohol.

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