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Research and statistics are core elements of the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility’s commitment to guiding a lifetime of conversations around alcohol responsibility and offering proven strategies to stop impaired driving.  For more than two decades has tracked national trends as well as invested in the latest research to inform its programs, initiatives and policy recommendations and to be a leader and resource on the complex and evolving issues associated with alcohol responsibility, drunk driving and underage drinking.

Our research identified and drew national attention to the hardcore drunk driver, a small segment of the drunk driving population that accounts for the majority of the traffic fatalities, as well as highlighting the increasing involvement of females in drunk driving arrests and convictions.  On the issue of underage drinking our research identified family and friends as the leading source of alcohol more than 10 years ago. also invests in the research of others.  Our sponsorship has helped develop student-designed campaigns to address binge drinking on college campuses as well as the development of a brief intervention that utilizes text messaging to change dangerous drinking behaviors among college age students.

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