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We Don't Serve Teens

Providing alcohol to minors is illegal, unsafe and irresponsible.

The Federal Trade Commission and The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility launched We Don't Serve Teens as a public awareness campaign designed to prevent underage drinking by informing adults that providing underage drinkers with alcohol is unsafe, illegal, and irresponsible. The campaign encourages parents to start and continue a dialogue with their teen about the dangers of underage drinking by reminding parents that turning a blind eye is as irresponsible as putting a drink in their hands.

Sixty-five percent of teens who drink obtain the alcohol they drink from family and friends and nearly one in five (17 percent) adults believe it is acceptable for parents to provide alcohol to their teenagers in their own home. Yet, 96% of adults and parents alike do not believe it is acceptable for parents or other adults to provide beverage alcohol to underage youth or for another parent or other adult to provide alcohol to their teenager without their permission.

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