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Defining the Future of Alcohol Responsibility, Together

Defining the Future of Alcohol Responsibility, Together

In our first three decades, funded by leading distillers and led by an independent Advisory Board, we worked alongside dedicated advocates to create best-in-class, science-based educational programs, design cutting-edge communications campaigns and champion effective legislation that made our roads safer, communities stronger and families healthier.

That’s real progress. But we’re not done.

The next decade presents new challenges in the fight to advance alcohol responsibility — challenges we will rise to meet and overcome — but we can’t do it alone.

Like the 30 years before, it will take the leadership, commitment and united effort of people who want a better, more responsible future for us all. People like you.

30 Years of Progress

Through powerful partnerships with leaders and advocates like you, we’ve delivered progress. Since our founding in 1991, drunk driving fatalities are down 36%, teens reporting having consumed alcohol at least once in their lifetime dropped from 80% to 44%, and youth binge drinking has been cut nearly in half. Right now, 87% of American adults self-report that they are confident they drink responsibly.

But success isn’t just percentages. It’s more parents getting home safe after a night out. It’s more teenagers making smart choices. It’s loved ones understanding their limits—and never exceeding them. So much of is thanks to the laws we’ve improved, the education programs we’ve launched, and the tools we’ve created… together. For 30 years of smiles and hugs and safe arrivals, thank you to all of our partners. Take a moment to watch—and share—the stories of these everyday heroes, who are helping to create a more responsible future for each of us.

Our Next Decade

Our 30th Anniversary gives us a chance not only to celebrate the significant progress made in our first three decades, but also to look toward the future. Moving forward, the challenges are getting more complex — as drinking patterns and trends change and evolve, as marijuana is legalized more widely, as kids head back to school after learning and living virtually, and as we emerge from a pandemic that has upended our lives.

So, it’s time to recommit to the mission. It’s time to build on our success. For the next 30 years.

Join us, and let’s define the future of alcohol responsibility, together.

Interested in becoming a member, corporate partner or partnering organization? Email our Member Relations Manager Joey Ford at [email protected].

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