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Chris Swonger

President and CEO

As President & CEO for, Chris Swonger brings his knowledge leading the industry in corporate social responsibility strategies. With over 25 years of experience in the public and private sector, representing elected officials and three diverse, global consumer goods companies, Chris has led integrated corporate affairs strategies with responsibility for public affairs, international government affairs, corporate reputation management, corporate communications, brand public relations, philanthropy, and social responsibility.

Currently, Chris serves as the President & CEO of both the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility ( and the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States. was founded in 1991 and has received more than $250 million dollars voluntarily from the nation’s leading distillers to fight drunk driving and underage drinking and promote responsible decisions about beverage alcohol. The Council is the leading voice for distilled spirits in the U.S. market and serves as the industry’s advocate in state capitals, the nation’s capital and foreign capitals around the globe.

Chris has extensive experience guiding corporations to lead in business while playing a positive role in communities through proactive engagement. In this capacity, Chris focuses on breaking down the traditional barriers that exist between corporations, non-government organizations and activist groups by facilitating consensus based outcomes which are deliverable, actionable and measurable.

A native Texan, Chris received his Bachelor’s Degree from Texas Tech University and lives in McLean, Virginia with his wife Amy and their two sons Holden and Beckett Boone.

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Genevieve Adams

Creative Director

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Senta Boardley

Director, Operations

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Maureen Dalbec

Vice President, Research and Data Analysis

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Helen Gaynor

Lead, Education and Outreach

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Sheila Headspeth

Manager, Digital Communications

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Erin Hildreth

Director, Communications

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Erin Holmes

Director, Traffic Safety and Technical Writer for Criminal Justice Programs

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Leslie Kimball

Vice President, Communications & Educational Programs

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Dottie Kramer

Associate, Communications

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Jasmine Murray

Associate, Education Programs

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Brandy Nannini

Vice President, Government Relations and Traffic Safety

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DeVon Randall

Graphic Designer

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Madeleine Spjut

Manager, Government Relations and Traffic Safety

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