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Discuss Alcohol With Kids

Kids are influenced by so many of their surroundings - friends, teachers, celebrities, pop culture  - yet parents are the leading influence on their kids’ decisions to drink - or not to drink - alcohol. 

Over the last 10 years, 62% more kids reported talking with their parents about underage drinking, as well as with educators, counselors, and other practitioners. We believe that conversations around alcohol should start when kids begin asking questions, like “Mommy, what is that? Can I have sip?” leading into middle school when kids become even more curious about alcohol, and the way their bodies work.

We are a leader in the use of technology applied to alcohol education. Our innovative underage drinking prevention programs use science based research to educate youth about avoiding risky behavior.

Talking with your kids about alcohol early and often is the best way to keep them safe. Remember to continue these conversations past elementary and middle school. If your son or daughter is in high school, click here.

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