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Impaired driving is a global concern that can be felt in our own neighborhoods. This is why works at the state and federal level to advocate for effective policies. Each year we work with federal and state agencies to support effective implementation of legislation. We serve as a resource to traffic safety advocates and policymakers. We believe that we can end impaired driving through teamwork. To learn how we can support or partner with you, contact our government relations team at [email protected].

Learn more about legislation that can make your communities safer. Click on the terms below for more information.  

Impaired Driving

Drive Alcohol Detection System for Safety (DADSS)

Drugged Driving

High Visibility Enforcement

BAC Test Refusal & No Refusal Programs

Open Container Laws

Administrative License Suspension/Revocation

Enhanced Sanctions for High-BAC Levels

DUI Child Endangerment Laws

DWI Courts

24/7 Programs

Continuous Alcohol Monitoring

Ignition Interlocks

Screening & Assessment for Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders

Education for Criminal Justice Practitioners & Policymakers

.08 BAC Level

Learn more about underage drinking and teen driver safety policies we support.

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