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Check out the list of 2022 enacted legislation.

Whether you're fighting to end impaired driving by pounding the pavement on Capitol Hill, drafting legislation or wanting to begin advocating for safer roads in your community, congratulates you on your engagement in these key issues. To support your efforts, we have designed cutting-edge resources and guideposts to help you on your mission.

New to advocating against drunk driving? Everyone must start somewhere! First, we recommend educating yourself on which DUI laws your state already has in place. To look up the current State DUI laws check out our State Map. While you are viewing the State Map, switch the module to the State statistics to see how your State compares to the national average.

Learn why repeat impaired drivers often slip through the cracks of our legal system by watching the video below and use this information to assess your own community.

Are you also concerned about drug-impaired driving? With such a complex and rapidly increasing issue, it can be difficult for policy makers to "keep up" with the problem. Check out our letter that we have sent to policymakers in states considering cannabis legalization about how they can create and implement effective drugged driving legislation. If you have any questions about drug-impaired driving laws or any other issue, contact any member of our government relations team and we will be happy to help:

Kelly Poulsen
SVP, Government Relations
[email protected]

Chris Konschak
Senior Director, Traffic Safety and Government Relations
[email protected]

Gideon Blum
Manager, Government Relations
[email protected]

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