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Judicial Advisory Board

The Judicial Advisory Board is comprised of members of the judiciary and criminal justice practitioners who are nationally recognized for their commitment to innovative practice and programs that not only reduce recidivism but, simultaneously, save and change countless lives. Through their thought leadership and insight, our organization is able to identify ways to improve and expand the reach of our programs, determine how to strengthen the impaired driving system, and develop educational resources for every facet of the criminal justice system.

Chelsea Woodall

Director of Instructional Technology and Online Education, NCSC

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Honorable Earl Penrod

Senior Judge (Ret.), Judicial Education Division of the Indiana Office of Court Services

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Honorable James Dehn

Judge (Ret.), 10th Judicial District of Minnesota

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Honorable John S. Kennedy

Judge, Court of Common Pleas, York County, PA

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Honorable Karl Grube

Senior Judge (Ret.), Florida County and Circuit Courts

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Honorable Mark Atkinson

Chief Executive Officer, Texas Center for the Judiciary

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Honorable Mark Violante

Chief Judge, City Court of Niagara Falls, NY

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Honorable Mary Jane Knisely

District Court Judge, Thirteenth Judicial District of Montana

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Honorable Michael Barrasse

President Judge, Court of Common Pleas, Lackawanna County, PA

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Honorable Richard Vlavianos

Judge, Superior Court of San Joaquin County, CA

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Honorable Shaun Floerke

District Court Judge, Sixth Judicial District of Minnesota

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Jim Eberspacher

Division Director, National Center for DWI Courts

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Judge Robert Anchondo

Judge, County Criminal Law

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Katheryn Yetter

Academic Director, National Judicial College

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Mark Stodola

Probation Fellow, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

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