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Jim Eberspacher

Division Director, National Center for DWI Courts

Jim Eberspacher is the Division Director for the National Center for DWI Courts. NCDC is the professional services branch of the National Association of Drug Court Professionals (NADCP) providing training and technical assistance to DWI Court professionals.

Jim’s background in the Drug Court model includes
experience at the state and local levels. For seven years he was the State Drug Court Coordinator for Minnesota, providing oversight in forming Drug Court policy, state standards, funding, assisting in research, and providing training and technical assistance to Drug Court teams. Jim also served as the Coordinator on three Drug Court teams– DWI Court, Hybrid Drug/DWI Court and Family Dependency Treatment Court.

Prior to his involvement in the Drug Court field, Jim was a probation officer in both community and institutional settings. Overall, Jim has 16 years of combined experience in Drug Courts, corrections, policy development and training/technical assistance.