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Back to School Survey 2016

Parents Say, Kids Say:

New National Survey Reveals How Parents & Their Kids

View Underage Drinking At Start of New School Year   


Will they be faced with underage drinking this school year?

Parents: 24% think their kid will face a decision to drink underage this school year.

Kids: Almost 50% (47%) reported they will face the issue.  

Why conversations about alcohol matter.

Parents: 69% report talking with their children about alcohol.

Kids: 64% report their parents are the leading influence in their decisionto drink – or not drink – alcohol.

Knowledge of involvement in occasions that involve alcohol  

Parents: 76% have no knowledge that their child or their child’s friends have been involved in underage drinking occasions.

Kids: 43% say they or a friend have previously been involved in an occasion that involved alcohol or underage drinking.

How parents anticipate finding out about underage drinking.

Parents: 25% trust their kids would tell them they had been drinking.

Kids: 31% report they would tell their parents they had been drinking.

Consequences of underage drinking

Parents:  75% would take away privileges, like a cellphone or allowance, 56% would restrict access to friends, and 46% would not allow them to participate in activities.

Kids: 73% believe their parents would take away privileges, like a cellphone or allowance, 59% believe their parents would restrict access to friends, and 51% believe their parents would not allow them to participate in activities.

Resources to help

Parents: 71% of parents believe discussing the consequences of underage drinking might help prevent a reoccurrence of underage drinking, and 40% of parents are looking for tips on how to respond to their child’s specific questions about underage drinking.

Survey Methodology

The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility commissioned a survey of American parents and their children regarding their perceptions about underage drinking.  This report represents the findings of the online survey conducted by Toluna, an independent market research firm that provides real time insights. The survey was conducted online in the contiguous United States among a sample of 1,042 parents ages 21 and older and their 10-18 year old children residing within their household. The survey was completed in August 2016.  Respondents for this survey were selected from among those who have previously agreed to participate in Toluna surveys.


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