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Brown-Forman President NA: is bolder, more ambitious

Each year April is designated as Alcohol Awareness Month. During the month public and private organizations across the nation increase their efforts to raise awareness of the consequences of alcohol abuse and misuse. Dialogue often focuses on the dangers of underage drinking, the tragic outcomes of drunk driving and the negative impacts of over consumption.

This April is especially important as it marks the transition from The Century Council to the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility ( This is more than a name change. Built on an undeniable contribution to reaching historic lows in both drunk driving and underage drinking, a yearlong strategic review identified untapped potential. As a result, the organization adopted a more assertive mission and bolder ambitions to work to eliminate drunk driving and underage drinking. In addition, will expand its reach and accessibility through its new online destination at

As a member of the distilled spirits industry and current Chairman of the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility our commitment is not just for a single month or even twelve but steadfast to foster a lifetime of responsibility regarding beverage alcohol.

Mike Keyes

President, North America Region, Brown-Forman Corporation

Chairman, Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility

*The views and opinions expressed in this blog are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility ( or any member.*

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