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Communication Strategies to Fight Binge Drinking

The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility, in conjunction with the Ad Council, conducted a cutting-edge research study on binge drinking among college students in 2010.  The study was designed to better understand the drinking cultures and derive insights on student-reported attitudes and behaviors and effective messaging that can be used to reduce dangerous overconsumption among college students.

Key highlights include:

College students define drinking “too much” as too often/too many nights per week (30%), too much in one night or on one occasion (22%), or both (47%).

Using the government definition of binge drinking (5/4 drinks in a two hour period) 64% of college students who drink report they partake in binge drinking on a weekly basis.

Despite reported drinking behaviors, three out of four students (78%) believe they have a good grasp on their drinking limits and always maintain them.

Analysis of key questions identified student drinkers into five key categories, each defined by their unique approaches to drinking.  To learn more about this rigorous research study and hear the voice of the student about drinking on college campuses, take a look at the presentation below. Or learn more about our binge drinking initiatives.