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IKnowEverything goes from WV to PA to teach teens driver safety!

This past week IKnowEverything traveled to West Virginia and Pennsylvania. We started off the week at University High School in Morgantown, WV. University High School’s FCCLA President, Ashley Faulkner, helped organize the program and was thrilled to be part of the effort. She strives to be a great role model to her fellow classmates. Monongalia Chief Deputy P.M. Palmer, Monongalia Administrative Officer R.C. Adkins, and Monongalia Sheriff Kisner were among the attendees. Sheriff Kisner spoke at the end of the challenge and explained the importance of safe driving after encountering many incidents with drunk drivers on the road. WDTV and WBOY News 12 were also in attendance to shed light on the important subject.

At the end of the week, IKnowEverything hosted the challenge at Burgettstown Middle/High School in Burgettstown, PA, right outside of Pittsburgh. FCCLA students, FCCLA Advisor Sharon Baillie, and Principal Wright were all a huge help in making the event a success. The school is located in a tiny town, but the students proved themselves with great knowledge. Pennsylvania State Representative Jesse White spoke to 400 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th graders at Burgettstown Middle/High School about the dangers of drunk driving and distracted driving. He even shared a personal story that revealed the true dangers of distracted driving. One day after a tough day of votes, Representative White ended up in a car crash on his way home due to faulty brakes. He was not distracted, but he explained how he could have killed many people had he looked at his phone. Representative White said texting while driving can be very tempting, especially for a well-connected politician, but it’s not worth it. Representative White reminded all of us the importance of safe driving and how we can all wait to use our cell phones.

Thanks to University High School’s FCCLA Advisor Darlene Beres, University High School’s FCCLA President Ashley Faulkner, University High School’s Principal Burgess, Monongalia Chief Deputy P.M. Palmer, Monongalia Administrative Officer R.C. Adkins, Monongalia Sheriff Kisner, Burgettsown Middle/High School’s FCCLA Advisor Sharon Baillie,  Burgettstown Middle/High School’s Principal Wright, Pennsylvania State Representative Jesse White, and everyone who made these events possible.


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