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It takes LessThanUThink to have a safe Mardi Gras!

Post courtesy of Haley Flanagan, Director of Web Communications for the LessThanUThink campaign

You think you’ll make it to Bourbon Street, and you would… three drinks ago. 

It’s that time of year again: Mardi Gras! Beads are flying, beignets are frying and students are flocking to New Orleans, Mobile and other cities to join the Mardi Party. Unfortunately, many of our fellow students don’t realize how much alcohol they consume and often come home with stories that contain the ever-shameful phrase, “I can’t believe I did that. How embarrassing!”

But, students, have no fear. With a little common sense and a few wise words from a video our LessThanUThink campaign team filmed with a not-so-little guy named Shaq, you can ensure you have a fun, safe and regret-free Mardi Gras experience.

How? Well, we’re glad you asked:

  • Don’t drink if you’re not of legal drinking age. This one’s a no-brainer. Nothing spoils the fun quite like a trip to the county jail.
  • NEVER wander off alone. Sorry, we don’t mean to scream on this one, but walking alone in an unfamiliar environment is really dangerous. Use the buddy system and make sure your friends are safe.
  • Watch your wallet. Wherever you go, make sure you’ve got your wallet with you. Ladies, make sure your wallets and clutches are closed so nothing will fall out and no wandering hands can make their way into your personal belongings. Gentlemen, maybe try putting your wallet in your front pant pocket, rather than the back.
  • Stay hydrated. Have a cup of water or other type of non-alcoholic drink in between alcoholic beverages. This will help you control your blood alcohol level and ensure you can enjoy all of the Mardi Gras festivities!
  • Know your surroundings. And make sure everyone in your group knows the name and address of the hotel. Record this information in your smartphone or text it to yourself to make sure you can get back when you need a rest.
  • Eat! Food helps us get a handle on our blood alcohol level.

Make sure to pass along the Shaq clip if you see your friends partaking in some regrettable behavior and remind them to keep it together. And remember, it takes LessThanUThink to survive Mardi Gras!


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