Stay up to date with Presents Law Enforcement Phlebotomy Webinar presented a Law Enforcement Phlebotomy Webinar on January 27th moderated by Darrin Grondel, Vice President, Government Relations and Traffic Safety, Drug and multiple substance impaired driving continues to be a priority with 50.5% of fatally injured drug-positive drivers (with known drug test results) testing positive for two or more drugs.  Considering the various challenges of collecting evidence in these cases, a law enforcement phlebotomy program is a practical and reliable way to obtain critical evidence for DUID cases.   

We would like to thank our panelists: Jennifer Davidson, Highway Safety Specialist, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA); and Don Marose, Lieutenant (retired) , Minnesota State Police who provided a national perspective on the impacts of multiple substance impaired driving including:

  • The NHTSA Law Enforcement Phlebotomy Toolkit: A guide to assist law enforcement agencies with planning and implementing a phlebotomy program
  • Successful law enforcement phlebotomy program examples 
  • A special announcement to support the development of phlebotomy programs

View the slide deck here.

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