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Parents, You’re Not Done Yet

Your kids are growing into young adults and headed off to college, a new job, or a life of increasing independence. Have you spoken to them about underage drinking? It’s a different conversation than the one you had with them in grade school and high school. Discussions about alcohol should continue as your kids mature, and once they turn 21, the conversations will morph yet again into the importance of responsible consumption (if they choose to drink).

Parents, You’re Not Done Yet provides you with tools for continuing conversations about alcohol with your kids before and after they head to college or make their way in the real world. We encourage you to have ongoing and meaningful conversations about decisions with regard to alcohol, especially the differences between low- and high-risk drinking. And to remind them—yet again—that alcohol is illegal for those under 21 years of age. Watch the interviews below and access our infographic for great advice from experts in the field.

We know many young adults make responsible decisions about alcohol consumption. However, transition into adulthood combined with new peers and the desire to fit in to new surroundings (college life, the workplace, a new apartment) can lead to potentially risky decisions. While it has decreased over time, dangerous overconsumption of alcohol continues to be a health and safety issue.

Download the Parents, You’re Not Done Yet infographic for information and tips, and  please share it with your loved ones.

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