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New Michigan law targets drug-impaired driving

The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility applauds Michigan Governor Rick Snyder and the Michigan legislature for passing new laws that will improve drug testing and record-keeping for drug-impaired (DUID) drivers. Michigan already has a zero tolerance law for DUID driving and the new laws that take effect immediately will allow for expanded DUID testing and improved identification of repeat DUID drivers.

The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility offers proven solutions to stop impaired driving and supports measures designed to combat marijuana-impaired and other DUID through better data, improved laws and education and training for criminal justice professionals. Our support includes increased testing for drug impairment including mandatory testing for drugs and alcohol in all fatal and serious injury crashes, improved drug testing protocols and improved data and record systems which differentiate between arrests for alcohol-impaired driving and DUID.

Consider these important facts about DUID:

  • DUID is a very complex issue. It is far less understood than DUI.
  • There is no DUID equivalent to .08 BAC. It is currently impossible to define DUID impairment with a legal limit.
  • DUID is underreported and has been for years.
  • The vast majority of DUI arrests are attributed to alcohol alone because current drug testing protocols prevent drug testing once a suspect registers an illegal BAC limit, which skews the ability to measure the true magnitude of DUID problem.

We applaud Michigan’s leadership to combat impaired driving. Whether drivers are illegally and dangerously impaired by alcohol, drugs or a combination – they should not be driving and putting others at risk. It is essential for states to improve data, testing and record-keeping to stop impaired driving and to properly identify, sanction and treat convicted offenders.

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