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Our 8th annual PSA taping with Attorneys General features the IKnowEverything program

For the past 8 years, we’ve taped Public Service Announcements with Attorneys General from around the country. Last week, we spent the entire day in downtown Washington, D.C. filming PSAs with Attorneys General from 17 states for our IKnowEverything initiative. If your Attorney General taped with us, you should start seeing the PSAs in your state in early May, which is National Teen Driver Safety Month.

This year’s IKnowEverything PSA focused on new teen drivers “knowing everything” and the need for parents to be involved by reminding their teen and his or her friends to pay attention when they’re behind the wheel one-hundred percent of the time.

We all know driving can be dangerous and that teen drivers are 50% more likely to crash than adult drivers. Our research has clearly shown that teens know not to drink and drive and we have seen a decline in drunk driving fatalities for drivers under the age of 21. But it’s important to reinforce that it’s dangerous to send a text message, make a phone call, eat food, change the radio or try to fish something out that fell between the seats and that it can make you take your eyes off the road for just seconds. And in the blink of an eye, the entire situation on the road in front of you can change. Safe driving is important no matter who you are, but teen drivers are especially vulnerable and we hope that these PSAs will encourage parents to engage and help their teens become better and more conscientious drivers.

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