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Promising Criminal Justice Programs

In 2002, the National Association of State Judicial Educators and The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility convened a national panel, the Judicial Education Advisory Board, to examine the judiciary’s critical role in reducing hardcore drunk driving (HCDD). The Board is composed of judges and judicial educators who are recognized experts on drunk driving issues. With the Judicial Advisory Board, The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility has created this first-of-its-kind compendium of promising programs in order to enable criminal justice practitioners to learn from each other.

The hope is the Promising Criminal Justice Programs for DWI Offenders resource will empower communities to improve and expand their anti-drunk driving strategies and provide a roadmap for launching new efforts. We think this will be helpful to communities struggling to improve or establish programs.

The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility defines a “promising program” as one that leads to behavior modification among DWI offenders, improves outcomes in the criminal justice system and is simple, easy to explain, understand, implement and replicate. It should also be cost effective and have measurable, objective outcomes and results. We continue to reach out to public safety officials and organizations across the country to solicit submissions.

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DWI/Drug Courts 

Athens-Clarke County, Georgia DUI Court Program

Billings, Montana Adult Misdemeanor Treatment Court

Brooklyn, New York DWI Treatment Court

Eaton County, Michigan DWI Court Ignition Interlock Program

Isanti County, Minnesota Staggered Sentencing

Nez Perce County, Idaho DUI Court

Oklahoma DUI Court

Texas SOBER DWI Courts

Target 25 Program

Ottawa County Sobriety Court Program


Maryland Ignition Interlock Program

San Joaquin County, California Comprehensive DUI Program

South Dakota 24/7 Sobriety Program

Washington Ignition Interlock Program


Montgomery County, Texas No Refusal Program

Tallahassee, Florida DUI Enforcement Program

Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program

Training & Education

University of Illinois-Springfield Hardcore Drunk Driver Project

Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program

Pre-Trial/Pre-Sentencing Sanctions

Arkansas Smarter Sentencing Pilot Program

Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor

Massachusetts Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor

Judicial Education 

Florida Judicial Outreach Liason Program

USA, NHTSA Regional Judicial Outreach Program

Transportation Alternative

Minnesota SAFE CAB Program

Washington Regional Alcohol Program SoberRide


Westchester County, New York Department of Probation

Victim Impact Panel

North Dakota & Minnesota Red River Valley Victim Impact Panel

Public Education

Virginia Alcohol Safety Program


Rensselaer County, New York Probation and Alcohol Treatment Program

San Joaquin County, California Comprehensive DUI Program




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