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Shaquille O'Neal & Bella Thorne talk safe driving

Who was your driving instructor? We bet it probably wasn’t Dr. Shaquille O’Neal!

Click the image below to watch Shaq teach Bella Thorne about driving in “Nicknames,” a new video for the iDECIDE campaign.

Our iDECIDE campaign, which features teen sensation Bella Thorne as spokesperson, launched “Shaq Teaches Bella About Driving: Nicknames” — part 2 of a two-part video series to encourage teens to “decide” to drive safely and say “NO” to underage drinking. iDECIDE launched the first video in the series, “Distractions,” on Jan. 27. You’ll recall Bella recently turned 16, so Shaquille O’Neal agreed to be her Driver's Ed instructor — sharing safe driving tips like not drinking underage, texting, checking your appearance in the mirror or having too many friends in the car.

Pretty cool, right? Even cooler, visitors age 13 and up can visit to test their knowledge about safe driving by taking an interactive quiz, which is then followed by an instant win contest for a chance to win exclusive prizes!

What sort of exclusive prizes, you ask? The instant win “Spin It to Win It” contest will give participants the chance to win fun prizes like iDECIDE SWAG, basketballs autographed by Shaq, Candies® accessories and even a VIP trip to meet Bella Thorne!

With underage drinking at its lowest level in two decades, we launched our iDECIDE campaign with Bella Thorne in an effort to continue this more than 20-year downward trend. iDECIDE encourages teens to focus on the importance of formulating and following individual decisions, which includes saying NO to underage drinking. The campaign was designed to evoke a stay-true-to-yourself message and empower teens to act based on their personal beliefs.

Be sure to visit and enter for your chance to win!

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