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Let's Celebrate Summer, Responsibly!

Sunnier days and warmer weather: summer is approaching! Let's get our sunblock applied, our visors strapped on our heads, and our favorite shades snug on our faces. While we're out and about, who can forget the best party favor there is - a refreshing summertime beverage. Together, we need to keep in mind how to enjoy our drinks by the pool responsibly. Before we let the good times roll, let's take a moment to know how to “Summer Responsibly.”

Know your limits 📲

If you’re over 21 and choose to drink, remember to pace yourself. Learn about what constitutes a "standard drink" and how food affects your BAC. Visit the Virtual Bar before your first sip to learn about factors that will impact your BAC. 

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate 💦

Water is the best way to quench your thirst and cool off. With each alcoholic drink you have, it's good practice to have a glass of water before your next. If you’re hosting a summer party of any kind, make sure you have non-alcoholic options for designated drivers and anyone who chooses not to drink. Zero-proof cocktails come in many creative, delicious alternatives, while also keeping friends and family that abstain from drinking in on the fun. 

Host Responsibly 🍔

Be the best host you can be! Provide enough food for you and your guests at your party, pool, or beach hangout. Worried about the cost? Make your gathering a potluck style event! Asking everyone to bring a side dish can help you spend less without anyone going hungry. You'll want your party people to be drinking with some food in their stomach, as this helps mitigate how quickly you'll feel the effects of alcohol. Refer to our Virtual Bar for more info on food intake when drinking!  Also, never let anyone drive drunk or impaired. Make a plan for getting home safely ahead of time -- designate a driver, call a ride share service or allow friends to stay over. 

Set Expectations

Kids ask a lot of questions, and this curiosity is valuable! In the summertime, we're more likely to be seen enjoying a cocktail around friends and relatives who may be under 21 due to summer break and family trips. This is a perfect teaching moment. Before you even begin to Summer Responsibly, talk to your kids about alcohol. Let them know that first and foremost, if they are underage, then it’s not for them. Discuss ways to say NO to peer pressure, how to make healthy choices, and what to do if they are in an uncomfortable situation. Our Ask, Listen, Learn underage drinking prevention program has conversation starters if you need some advice for where to begin. 

Travel Responsibly

Always be aware of your method of transportation when you plan to go out. It’s more important than ever to do everything in your power to be safe when you get behind the wheel. Whether it’s a local night out or a longer road trip, make sure you have a plan. Make sure people know when you are traveling. Make sure to never drive impaired—that means under the influence of alcohol, after taking medications or drugs, or if you are drowsy or distracted. Last but certainly not least, make sure that the people you are with are making the right choices about getting from point A to point B. Never get in a car with an impaired driver, and encourage friends to stop anyone from driving in unsafe conditions. 

Whether you're at the bar with a gin and tonic, catching up with friends over some old fashioneds, or by the beach with a cool glass of lemonade, just be sure to take the time to Summer Responsibly! What responsibility tips do you have for this summer? Tweet us at @goFAAR using #SummerResponsibly!