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Teen perspective: Winter drivers drive for survival

The following comes via Elizabeth Ryan, a Sophomore at Park View High School in Sterling, VA.

Hi everyone! It’s me Elizabeth. I wanted to talk to everyone today about this insane weather that has been going on in the metropolitan DC area and how it’s taking a toll on us teen drivers. I like to say that the weather in Northern Virginia is as extreme as the ends of a magnet – it’s either bitter cold, or desert hot. Between school, sports, church, work, and any other extracurricular activities I’ve signed up for - I’ve been on the roads a lot. Honestly, I haven’t felt so nervous driving in the eight months I’ve been on the roads now more than ever before. It’s not even my driving I’m worried about; it’s the people on the roads that have me constantly alert. I have the perfect example:

I was driving on 28 North with my brother, Larry. We were on our way to the mall in bitter weather conditions when we were stopped for traffic. Once we made our complete stop, we look to the right and two lanes over from us we see a man slam on his breaks, stopping just inches in front of the car in front of him. He was texting and driving! He and his passenger both wobbled with the car. Our jaws dropped. I mean, this guy was insane! It’s the middle of winter and we’re on icy cold roads. You have a passenger in the car with you and you feel the urge to text while you’re driving!? Larry and I were so shocked. I mean, he was literally inches away from hitting the car in front of him. What a horrible thing to witness. He was so lucky that by the grace of God that he looked up just in time to slam on his breaks and not hit anything.

Drivers, it’s FEBRUARY - not June. This weather is not safe to drive in. There’s black ice and inattentive drivers, which is not a good combo. I advise everyone to please keep their eyes focused on the road, their driving, and those around them. Make sure to buckle up now more than ever.

Please be safe wherever you are and make good choices.

Safe travels,

Elizabeth Ryan

*The views and opinions expressed in this blog are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility or any Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility member.*

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