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Tiger Woods gets DUI - A Response from Tommy McFly

Tiger Woods is in trouble for a ridiculous lapse in judgment. No, this isn't about that lapse in judgment that had the superstar falling from grace in 2009 -- it's a new one.

Multiple news outlets report that the one-time king of golf was arrested for driving under the influence. Sadly, when public figures end up with a very public mugshot, it forces uncomfortable conversations with kiddos. is a great resource for when the inevitable questions arise: Everything from conversation starters for your kids to talk about news stories like this as they come up, to a map with all of the laws in every state for driving under the influence.

In the coming days and weeks, Tiger Woods will be subject to global ridicule, potential loss of income and yet another blemish on his already fragile public persona. The fallout for him is hundreds of times more intense than the average person, but the magnitude of this bad decision is similar. Personally, there is no circumstance in which driving under the influence is worth the risk.

It's disgraceful -- especially with so many options available to celebrities like Mr. Woods -- that he doesn't have a driver, other than the ones in his golf bag. Even if you're not sporting a green Masters jacket or living a lifestyle of the rich and famous, Lyft, public transit or a designated driver will ensure a fun and responsible evening out and eliminate the risk of putting from the rough.

We all have the potential to make good decisions that can positively impact the people who surround us. Passing your keys, planning a ride ahead of time, and focusing on the road are all ways that can help #EndImpairedDriving.


There's no doubt lawyers and public relations pros are working 'round the clock to save Tiger from this trap, but this crisis could be been averted a much more simple way: with some self respect and appropriate planning.

Tommy McFly is a Washington, DC radio personality on 94.7 Fresh FM and hosts “The Tommy Show.”

*The views and opinions expressed in this blog are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility ( or any member.*

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