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Unwrap your conversation

The holiday season is almost over, so let’s take a moment to take a deeeeep breath.


Now that that’s over, let’s remember what’s really important during the holiday season: Unwrapping sincere, honest and candid conversations between you and your kids about tough conversations, like underage drinking.

Let’s be real, the holidays can sometimes be stressful, emotional and overwhelming for parents. It’s even proven that 51% of parents with kids ages 18 and younger report stress due to holidays.

However, we urge you to think way, way back to the times when you were the kid during the holiday. I’m sure you’re not thinking of a gift or a tangible item, but rather your family’s traditions, conversations and time spent with the ones you loved.

This holiday, we want to start another conversation: One between you and our Ask, Listen, Learn parent community. We’ve made a holiday infographic to remind you about the importance of family time and what it can do to enhance the conversation between you and your kid along with a blog series talking about how to #UnwrapYourConversation between you and your kid. To discuss what it means to discover not only more about your kid, but how he or she is adjusting to their seemingly always stressful pre-teen life.

Want to start the conversation with your kids? Instagram us what you think truly epitomizes the holidays in your home with the hashtag #UnwrapYourConversation so we can see the family traditions that really matter to you!!

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