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Honorable Karl Grube

Senior Judge (Ret.), Florida County and Circuit Courts

Judge Grube has 38 years of service on the bench, first as a County Court Judge in St. Petersburg, Florida, and now as a Senior Judge in the criminal and civil divisions of Florida’s County and Circuit Courts.

Judge Grube has served as a national, state and local judicial educator for many years including his term as President of the Florida Conference of County Court Judges, Assistant Dean of the Florida New Judges College, Chairperson of the American Bar Association’s National Conference of Specialized Court Judges, Associate Dean of the Florida College of Advanced Judicial Studies, member of the Supreme Court’s Florida Court Education and a member of the National Judicial College’s Faculty for more than 30 years. Judge Grube has taught judges, prosecutors and defense counsel of an array of legal topics including Judicial Ethics and Impaired Driving Trial issues.

Judge Grube served as Regional Judicial Outreach Liaison for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) for four years and as the Florida State Judicial Outreach Liaison from 2010 through 2013.

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