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  • How to Have Tough Conversations with Your Kids

    We’ve added three new videos with great advice from parenting bloggers on How to Start Tough Conversations with kids about topics like alcohol and underage drinking. If you missed the first three, read our past blog post and view the ... Read More >

  • ICYMI: DC SCORES Fall Frenzy!

    The school year is underway and the excitement has been brewing to finally have the largest outdoor celebration for elementary school students of the DC SCORES fall season! Ask, Listen, Learn: Kids and Alcohol Don't Mix partners with DC SCORES because of their commitment to ... Read More >

  • Expansion of DWI Courts: Behavior Change that Saves Lives

    Repeat or high risk/high need drunk drivers pose a tremendous risk to public safety. In many instances, these offenders are processed through the criminal justice system only to recidivate and return. The recognition that we need to stop this revolving ... Read More >

  • Erin Holmes joins our Traffic Safety team

    It is 6am and I am sitting in the Ottawa International Airport for the final time. It is with great excitement that I am leaving the city I have called home for the last decade. Back when I was a ... Read More >

  • New State Laws Address Drunk Driving and Underage Drinking

    In July, new laws passed by state legislatures this year will go into effect that address drunk driving and underage drinking. We supported the passage of these laws according to our drunk driving and underage drinking policy positions and applaud ... Read More >

  • Take it from the Sheriffs: Tips for a safe summer

    Sheriff John Whetsel is the Sheriff of Oklahoma County, Oklahoma and currently serves as Chair of the National Sheriffs’ Association Traffic Safety Committee. Formerly, he served as the Chief of Police for the Choctaw, OK Police Department and is a ... Read More >

  • It starts with "Hello"

    Summer’s almost here! The sun will start setting later, the days will last longer and life will (finally!) slow down a little. For families, summer means more time spent together. And as a result, parents will have even more opportunities ... Read More >

  • That’s a Wrap! #GYTSM14

    What a great month of May! During Global Youth Traffic Safety Month (GYTSM), the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility was as busy as ever with our outreach efforts on teen driver safety. This month we announced our sponsorship of brand new research ... Read More >

  • 6 Tips to Make Sure Kids and Alcohol Don’t Mix This Summer

    School is almost over and summer vacations are around the corner!  This time of year can be especially challenging for both youth as well as parents.  In most cases, this is a period of transition for youth: whether it’s starting ... Read More >

  • Mom2.0 Summit: Moms matter

    Last week, participated in the Mom 2.0 Summit in Atlanta, Georgia as the official cause sponsor. The team, including the Talk Early Parenting Bloggers, shared strategies to guide a lifetime of conversations at this conference for influential mom bloggers ... Read More >

  • We started over 2 Million conversations about alcohol #responsibility

    As Alcohol Awareness Month ends, we look back on the month and are proud of the progress made but recognize our work is far from over. We started the month off with a bang as we announced our new name ... Read More >

  • Lisa Graham Keegan: 'Palcohol' and responsibility don't go together

    With this past weekend’s announcement by the U.S. Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) that a new product called “Palcohol” has been approved, the idea of “responsible consumption” may literally have been turned to dust — or rather, ... Read More >

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