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Meet this year’s #TalkEarly Parenting Blogger Team

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Jennifer Borget
Cherish 365

Jennifer Borget is a journalist and blogger from Austin, TX. She has a passion for capturing and telling stories, then sharing them with the world. Her background in journalism helped inspire her to start the award-winning parenting blog There she documents her family life and inspires parents to make a difference and cherish life’s moments and stories through photos and video. Her work has been featured on the Today Show, Huffington Post, and Parenting Magazine’s And she has been honored as a BlogHer Voice of the Year in 2014 and 2016.


How Young is Too Young to Talk About Alcohol?

Jenni Chiu
Mommy Nani Booboo

Jenni Chiu is the blogger behind – a blog that grew in popularity before she could change the name to something more respectable. Jenni is a writer and video maker who has created content for companies like SheKnows Media, Huffington Post, SheSpeaks Inc., Raising America/HLNTV, and Viacom. She lives in the Bay area with her husband, two sons, and two lesbian dogs. You can find her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram at @TheJenniChiu. Yes, she’s a feminist. It would be weird if she weren’t.


Connection Is My New De-stressor

Andy Herald
How To Be A Dad

Andy Herald is co-founder of, an entertainment experience for parents, non-parents, or anyone who’s ever had parents really. A heavily-caffeinated designer dad living in sunny Pasadena, California, he’s best known for his humorous Instructional Diagram graphics and memes. When he does attempt to use the written word, it’s more like storytelling with the occasional use of emojis and the frequent use of typos. His goal as a creative is simple: to make people laugh. One digital armpit fart at a time.


Whit Honea

Whit Honea is the author of “The Parents’ Phrase Book,” co-founder of, and the Social/Community Director for Dad 2.0 Summit. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife, two kids and too many pets.


Talking About Alcohol Is a Parent’s Responsibility(.org)

Responsibility vs. Mullet: A True Story

Birthdays, Underage Drinking and the Gifts We Need Speak Of

Cultivating Conversations with Children: Repeat and Repeat


Connection Comes First (Then Do Whatever You Want)

Jill Krause
Baby Rabies

Jill Krause is the voice of, a blog she started when her baby fever got serious. She’s a digital content creator, photographer, videographer, brand consultant, and public speaker. She holds a degree in broadcast journalism from the University of Missouri, and resides outside of Dallas, TX with her husband and 3 young children.

Hear from Jill Krause:


It’s a Big Deal, It’s Not a Big Deal- When Mom & Dad Drink

Responsibility Starts With Me #TalkEarly

Keep Them Talking


Be Intentional

Sili Recio
My Mamihood

Sili Recio is the writer and Chief Executive Mami behind The Mamihood. Mothering a 7-year old supastar, creating spreadsheets for anything worth remembering and figuring out why the clean laundry won’t automatigically insert itself where it belongs round out her current passions. Sili raises armies and builds empires. She also bakes cookies and thangs. Follow her shenanigans on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram


Making the Connection Early: Talking About Alcohol

Liz Stanley
Say Yes

Liz Stanley is founder and editor of the award winning women’s and family lifestyle site, Say Yes. She was born and raised a New Yorker but now is perfectly happy to call the fairytale city of San Francisco home with her husband and three children. Her and her team’s work has been featured by Martha Stewart, Real Simple, Parents Magazine, the Huffington Post, with full print features in the San Francisco Chronicle, Pregnancy and Newborn magazine, and documentary features on A&E and Hulu. She partners with a variety of design focused lifestyle home brands like Target, Adobe, Home Depot, and West Elm. Previous work includes founding Minted’s lifestyle site, Julep and writing for Apartment Therapy.


A Simple Game To Get Kids Talking

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