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Traffic Safety Leaders Convene in Charlotte, NC

This week, practitioners and advocates from across the country gathered in Charlotte, North Carolina for the nation’s largest traffic safety conference. Lifesavers offers a unique opportunity for professionals to exchange valuable information about the challenges they are facing and the solutions they have implemented to address road user behavior in their respective jurisdictions.

Our traffic safety department had the opportunity to learn about the latest research and implementation strategies for proven countermeasures such as interlocks, DUI Courts, and 24/7 programs. On this year’s agenda new and innovative practices were also highlighted including:

  • Drug-impaired driving detection technology such as oral fluid testing;
  • Tablet applications for documenting Drug Recognition Expert evaluations;
  • Tiered approaches to repeat offender monitoring; and,
  • Electronic warrant systems.

During the e-warrants workshop, speakers focused on the need for law enforcement agencies to be able to obtain a warrant for a blood draw in a timely and efficient manner. In addition, the judicial perspective was offered on how to gain buy-in from judges as they play an integral role in the establishment of these systems. Examples of electronic warrant systems that have been successful implemented in Maricopa County, Arizona and the states of Minnesota and Utah were also shared.


Later this year, and the Justice Management Institute will release an implementation guide for criminal justice practitioners and policymakers that includes much of the information contained in this session.

Honoring leaders and heroes

Every year at Lifesavers, individuals who have made a substantial contribution to the field of traffic safety are recognized for their leadership and, of course, their commitment to saving lives on our nation’s roadways. is pleased to announce that two of our Judicial Advisory Board members received the prestigious NHTSA Public Service Award.

Judge Richard Vlavianos, a long-time partner and friend of, received the award for establishing the DUI Monitoring Court Program in San Joaquin County, California. Judge Earl Penrod was recognized for his years of service as a national judicial educator and for his tenure as the NHTSA Judicial Fellow for the American Bar Association. also applauds the tireless efforts of this year’s other award winners. Thank you for keeping our roads safe!

Janet Brooks

Child Advocacy Manager (Ret.), Primary Children’s Hospital

Mark Butcher and Mi Ae Lipe

Citizen Advocates, Bothell, WA

Robbie Pace Courtright

President, MADD Central Missouri Chapter

Carol Flannagan

Research Associate Professor, University of Michigan

Edward Frank

Deputy Chief of Police (Ret.) Altamont Police Department

Major Carl Saizan

Louisiana State Police

Lieutenant David Wagener

Wyoming Highway Patrol

Chip Walls

Forensic Toxicologist, University of Miami

Rose White

Public Affairs Director, AAA Nebraska

Vanessa Wigand

Principal Specialist, Virginia Department of Education

As always, it was wonderful to re-connect with partners and friends and to foster collaboration with new organizations and passionate traffic safety advocates. looks forward to seeing everyone in San Antonio in 2018!

Erin Holmes
, Director, Traffic Safety and Technical Writer for Criminal Justice Programs, is responsible for managing’s traffic safety portfolio and partnerships, and is involved in the development of traffic safety and criminal justice policy.

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