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Monica Sakala

Published author, owner & founder of public affairs based social media firm, SOMA Strategies, and contributor to Huffington Post DC and Washingtonian Magazine, Wired Momma is one of Washington’s top parenting bloggers. A self-proclaimed expert on nothing, with an opinion on everything, Wired Momma  is the place in the blogosphere for a jolt of parenthood, with a sprinkle of snark and plenty of Moi Loves Moi back-patting. WM’s two children, ages 5 and 8, give her endless fodder for blog material.

The Wired Momma blog covers local parenting issues in DC and also broader parenting topics, known particularly for her sense of humor and making others laugh, WM delights in covering the realities of raising toddlers. She also tends to gravitate towards work-life “balance” issues and the challenges all parents face when trying to manage career and children.

With a book mulling about in her brain, WM instead passes her time commenting on hot parenting topics, mocking bad celebrity baby names, and occasionally reviewing fabulous local events for kids, especially children’s theater, which is a favorite past-time chez moi. She also runs a consulting company, SOMA Strategies, specializing in public affairs and social media, connecting DC-based organizations and trade associations to parenting bloggers.

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