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The Path to the Future: Navigating Prom and Graduation Season with your Teenager

After some up-and-down March and April weather that unearthed my buried trust issues, it seems as if spring is finally here to stay. For high school seniors, that means prom, graduation parties, senior trips, and ultimately getting ready to work or go to college. This is a special and memorable time for your high school student – they’re saying goodbye to one phase of their life, preparing for a big transition, and soaking up every moment they can with their friends. It’s also a time when they are likely to be exposed to alcohol, so it’s important for parents to help their teens navigate these milestones safely and responsibly.

Discussing the dangers of underage drinking with your high school senior may seem daunting, but trust us, there are ways to make this conversation easier than you may think. By checking in, being honest, modeling good behavior, and practicing tough decision making, you can create a safe space for your teen, while steering them in the right direction. Help your teen understand that underage drinking is dangerous, irresponsible and illegal. Check out our tips for parents below:

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