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April is Alcohol #Responsibility Month!

Once upon a time, April was known as “Alcohol Awareness Month.” Awareness is important – how is one to eliminate an issue like drunk driving or underage drinking if one isn’t aware of the facts surrounding that issue or the effective strategies to implement in order to create change?

Yes, “awareness” is a crucial step in the fight against drunk driving and underage drinking. But, it is only the first step.

Equally critical -- if not more so -- is “responsibility.” If each organization and person – parent, teacher, college student, law enforcement official, judge, prosecutor, industry employee, and so on – were to take ownership and responsibility for eliminating these issues, drunk driving and underage drinking would decline at an even more rapid rate than they have over the last two decades (which is a lot, btw).

At, April will be designated “Alcohol #Responsibility Month.” While awareness is great, we believe we can all do even better than that. Our aim is to encourage individuals to accept the responsibility for their own personal behavior.

Awareness vs. Responsibility

“Responsibility” is a stronger word. It is more aggressive, less passive than “awareness.” It shows we’re leading, igniting action, encouraging our friends and loved ones to talk about alcohol responsibility and to consider it as an integral obligation in their daily lives – something that should be treated as a high priority. With nearly 24 years of progress under our belts, we’ve moved beyond “awareness.” Igniting action to catalyze change is a serious responsibility.

So, here you go. Here’s a personal #Responsibility starter kit to help empower us all to take responsibility for making our world – it is ours, after all – an even better place.

Share these infographics and social media posts with your family and friends, and let’s put Alcohol #Responsibility Month on the map.

Share these tweets with your followers and promote alcohol #responsibility in April.

Share these tweets with your followers and promote alcohol #responsibility in April.

Want to have an even more meaningful conversation about alcohol #Responsibility with your friends and family? Here are a few tips to help get these important conversations flowing.

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