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Sharing Stories of Responsibility

Responsibility starts with each one of us, and we all have a different story to share. Recently, our team traveled to Louisville, KY, to the DISCUS Inaugural Conference to present our mission and visions to eliminate underage drinking and drunk driving and promote responsible consumption as part of a balanced lifestyle to the attendees. We asked attendees how they practice responsibility every day and how they talk to their kids about alcohol. Each response was unique and thoughtful; everyone had their own story to tell and experience to share.  

Now, as the COVID-19 virus has us facing uncertain times, sharing these stories is more important than ever. We still need to be vigilant about practicing responsible behaviors and talking to our kids about alcohol as we shift to a different lifestyle.  

Graphic Storyteller Nikki Kurt turned these stories into creative illustrations. Bringing these thoughts to life added life and pizzazz to the event, not to mention the fact that they offered the attendees of our conference some great ideas about how they can start and continue practicing responsibility in their daily lives. Hopefully, they inspire new conversations with your friends and family while we adapt to the new normal of these unprecedented times. 

Check out some of the pictures below—and watch how Nikki turns words into these playful images!  

President and CEO of Chris Swonger shared how important balance is as he goes through each day with responsibility in mind.  

How do YOU practice responsibility every day? And how do YOU talk to your kids about alcohol? This April—Alcohol #Responsibility Month—take some time to share your own story. And check out the final products of our activation below!