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4 Ways to Make Your Gameday Party Spectacular!

Are you ready for ?! The BIG GAME is this weekend, and as you make plans to cheer on your favorite team, we want to share four tips to help make your Sunday spectacularly fun and responsible!

Being a responsible host includes making sure everyone has plenty to eat and drink, ensuring your get together has a little something for everyone—including the kids, and knowing that your friends get home safely at the end of the night.

Being a responsible party guest is also important. If you are attending a party, be sure to eat food before and during the game, remember to drink water in between any beverage containing alcohol, and plan for a safe ride home for yourself and your family.

  1. Beverages! If you are hosting, be sure to stock up on a variety of beverages—including plenty of water and nonalcoholic drink options. Devising a themed cocktail and mocktail that compliments your favorite team’s home state or colors is a fun way to be festive. But don’t forget to round out the offerings with plenty of water and some non-alcoholic drinks to ensure that those who choose not to drink and kids of all ages have something to enjoy. If you do choose to consume alcohol, do so responsibly—and keep an eye out for others to make sure they don’t overdo it.
  2. Food! Whether you are sticking to chips and dip, ordering pizza, or going all out with a full spread, make sure that you are ready to offer your guests something to snack on. Part of being a responsible host is making sure that everyone has something to nibble on as they watch the game and sip their drinks.
  3. Kids! When you think of your friends and plan your party, remember the kids, too. Not only do they often want to be part of the festivities, but they are also watching and listening. Parents are the #1 influence on their kids’ decisions to drink—or not to drink—alcohol, so be sure to talk to your kids about why alcohol is not a healthy option for their developing brains and body. Also, be aware that serving alcohol to your friends’ kids in your home can come with really negative consequences.
  4. Safe Rides Home! After the touchdowns are scored, commercials are watched, and the champions are crowned, be sure that there are safe rides home for you—if you spent the evening out—or for your guests—if you decided to host. Remember that only time can reduce the amount of alcohol in your body—not coffee, not cold water. Designating a driver, offering to BE the designated driver, or using a taxi or rideshare service are simple obvious options to ensure that you and your friends get home safe and sound. You want to make sure you get home safely!

Have a safe and fun football Sunday! We hope your team wins and you get bragging rights for your team’s victory and for your amazing party!

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