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Responsibility #StartsWithMe


By now, individuals are certainly familiar with the phrase, “drink responsibly,” but our research shows that not everyone knows exactly what that means and that the term’s definition differs from person to person. This Alcohol #Responsibility Month, we’re releasing video stories from DISCUS & President & CEO Chris Swonger, and Police Officer Jim Mastoras, highlighting what “responsibility” means to each of them and underlining how responsibility starts with each of us.    

For our President and CEO Chris Swonger, he says we all must take accountability for being responsible. “For me –as a #parent of 2 young sons–it has to be inherent to advocate for responsibility when it comes to alcohol.” This is an important message to share as many parents are spending more time than usual with their children. It is critical during these times to be the best role model you can be in front of your kids - especially because they’re always watching what you do.

For Arlington Police Officer Jim Mastoras, he says that responsibility goes across everyone - restaurants, patrons, and the police department. It takes a community to keep everyone safe. We all have our roles to play in our communities. Sometimes we may play multiple roles. But no matter what role we play, it is up to us to demonstrate take responsibility for our actions and demonstrate responsible consumption for not only our youth but also our peers and community members. We must create a culture of responsibility.

Please feel free to share these videos with anyone who you believe would resonate with this message, and let’s celebrate Alcohol #Responsibility Month together. 

Remember, responsibility #StartsWithMe. 

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