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Looks Like You Left Something in Your Shopping Cart

We’ve helped you fill your cart with gifts, now it’s time for you to pass them out.

How do you decide what to give your loved ones during the holiday season? The task seems daunting, especially since all through the year, you’re the “go to” for your friends and family. By the time the holidays come around, it’s hard to choose presents to give-- you’ve already given so much.

This year, give everyone a gift they can enjoy; give the #GiftOfResponsibility.

Responsibility can be presented in many ways:

  • Being present in the moment—put the phone down.
  • Give more of your time and attention to those who matter most.
  • Offer to be the designated driver for the next holiday party. Plan ahead and make responsible choices.
  • Make dinner or order takeout for your family and friends.
  • Run a 5k for charity.
  • Volunteer at a local food pantry.

We’re gifting you with some messages to share so you can stop worrying about the perfect gift, and start focusing on what’s really important: the people around you.

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