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Resources for Coping with Stress during Coronavirus

With the COVID-19 pandemic, we find ourselves living through an experience unprecedented in our lifetimes. Most of us are now at home, either working, caring for our kids who are out of school due to closures, or both. Our normal daily routines are disrupted and many of our typical social supports and coping strategies are less available to us while we deal with a tremendous amount of uncertainty, fear, and stress. We don’t really have a choice but to find new ways to manage these new challenges – and the added stress they bring. That’s why we’ve compiled the below list of resources – to provide guidance on ways to manage that stress in positive, constructive ways. As we assume new responsibilities, such as remaining indoors and practicing social distancing to help protect the medically vulnerable in our communities, we at don’t want people to forget about how drinking plays into this, especially as we prepare to enter Alcohol Responsibility Month, this April. Please check back periodically, as our team will continue compiling resources as they are made available.

The YMCA has free workouts to watch and do from home, and Headspace is offering free access to meditation resources to help manage stress.

YMCA 360 - Online Exercise: YMCA 360 offers online exercise, fitness, wellbeing, and youth sports classes from the comfort of your own home. Popular classes like yoga, barre, bootcamp, tai chi, boxing, weightlifting, and soccer are free for you and your family.

Headspace: There are a lot of unknowns in the world right now. But one thing is certain — Headspace is here for you. To help you, they're offering some meditations you can listen to any time.

If you know someone who is working to recover, make sure they know about these on-line resources:
Alcoholics Anonymous

Women For Sobriety

Smart Recovery


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In addition, there are a number of free app-based recovery supports such as:

If you choose to drink, drink a responsible amount. Binge drinking, meaning having four or more drinks for women and five for men within a couple of hours, can temporarily impair your immune system and make it harder to repel or fight infections, including from COVID 19. Limit your consumption to avoid this, and drink from a positive place, such as to enjoy a meal or to spend special time with your loved ones.

For parents especially, your kids are likely with you a lot more than usual now, and they are watching you closely and learning. Continue modeling good coping strategies and behaviors and talk to them about what you’re doing. Parents are the number one influence on kids’ later drinking decisions and they can’t read your mind. Take the time to educate them on your values and practices.



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