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Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is one of the most exciting times of the year for children, but sometimes it can be chaotic for parents and guardians. This Halloween, take a second to reflect on a few basic safety tips to keep your child safe while enjoying Halloween night.

First things first, plan out your trick-or-treat route with your kids and make them aware of where you plan on going. Parents should purchase or make costumes that are clearly visible to motorists. It is a good idea to decorate childrens’ costumes with reflective gear so they will glow and be seen in a car’s headlights. You can find reflective tape in most hardware, bicycle and sporting goods stores.

If you’re not able to trick-or-treat with your child, make sure he/she is accompanied by an adult. If old enough to go without supervision, make sure kids trick-or-treat in well-known areas that are well-lit and familiar to them. It is important to note that as a precaution kids should be equipped with a flashlight, as well as their cellphones, if they have one, in the case of an emergency.

Popular trick or treat hours are 5:30-9:30 p.m., so drivers need to be extra cautious during those recommended hours. Be patient and anticipate ahead of time that there will be heavy traffic on Halloween night. If alcohol is involved for someone of legal age, please be sure to consider alternative means to get home rather than driving. Keep yourself and those out trick-or-treating safe!

After your children arrive home from a night out trick-or-treating, make sure to go through the candy and check for any that are unwrapped. Make sure to throw away any treats that have holes or tears as a sign of re-wrapping. If you are unsure about the candy, don’t hesitate to throw it out!

These are just a few of the important safety tips that parents should take to ensure their child is safe on Halloween night. But the most important tip is to make sure to have a fun and safe Halloween night!

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