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Holidays & Responsibility

The holidays are here, and that can be an overwhelming feeling! Throughout the course of the year—and the pandemic—many, if not all of us, have been affected by uncertainty and unknowns, some have experienced struggle, heartbreaking loss, or emotional hardship or turbulence, and, at a minimum, everyone has experienced profound change. It has been a true challenge and we have weathered many seasons of learning. Rest assured, though, there is still joy to be found. And as always, we still have responsibilities.

Responsibility means many things, and it can be different depending on who you are or where you are in the moment. At, we believe that responsibility starts with each and every one of us, and during the holidays, that could not more relevant. As we gather a little bit more easily this winter, we each have the ability to make a difference and make choices to keep ourselves—and others—safe. This does not just apply to situations involving alcohol but reflecting on our own drinking is a key element in being—or becoming—a responsible adult and living in the holiday spirit.

In order to identify and celebrate the responsibilities of the season, we are hosting a webinar series that will help us all to be more aware of our “& responsibility.” We will strive to find balance amidst a chaotic time, to address troubles but be mindful of the things for which we are most thankful. From dealing with holiday stressors to finding positivity, and from being aware of potential traffic safety concerns to talking to your kids about alcohol, we hope to supply you with the tools you need to have a responsible holiday.

December 2 | 12:30PM EST: MERRY & BRIGHT & Responsibility
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Kids are back to school—but are they back to being mentally healthy and ready to make good decisions—especially when they don’t have the comfort of their schedules during winter break? Are parents mentally ready to guide them on this path? Were we ever in a good place? How can we remain mindful and alert, keeping values in place and resisting the urge to be lenient?

Panelists include:
Monica Burns | Educator and Founder of
Dr. James Edmond, Jr. | Principal, Woodside Elementary School, Sussex, WI
Melody Fananapazir | School Psychologist and Parent Coach
Dr. Katie Friedman | Pediatric ER Physician, National Advisory Board Member

December 9 | 12:30PM EST: SAFE & SOUND & Responsibility
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Our roads may have fewer cars on them, but people are driving in more risky ways. How can we keep ourselves safe during holiday travel? What efforts are being made to ensure increased safety?

Panelists include:
Brian Swift | National Alliance to Stop Impaired Driving (NASID)
Kurt Erickson | President & CEO, Washington Regional Alcohol Program (WRAP)
Rick Birt | President & CEO, SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions)
Carol Campa | Behavioral Traffic Safety Branch Supervisor, Traffic Safety Division, Texas Dept of Transportation

Moderated by Brandy Axdahl | Senior Vice President, Responsibility Initiatives

December 16 | 12:30PM EST: COMFORT & JOY & Responsibility
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There’s been so much loss – loved ones, time with family/friends, big moments & milestones. How can we find joy and be grateful when we are still processing traumas and sadness? In addition, the holidays are stressful—and that can be when issues—including substance-use and abuse issues surface. For ourselves, yes, but we should also be aware and mindful of those around us such as family members, peers, neighbors, and colleagues. How can we show leadership by offering substantive ways to reflect on own drinking and drinking of others, personal struggles, and mental health? What are some gentle yet effective ways to show support and mindfulness?

Panelists include:
Deva Dalporto | Creator @ MyLifeSuckers
Phyllis Fagell | Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor
Pooja Lakshmin | Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, George Washington University School of Medicine and Founder, Gemma
Keyatta Mincey-Parker | Atlanta-based mixologist
Nikki Kurt | Graphic Storyteller

Moderated by Brian Coleman | Lead Counselor, Jones High School Prep, Chicago, IL and 2019 ASCA School Counselor of the Year, National Advisory Board Member

Special introductions by Marc Bromfeld | Chair, Board of Directors and Director of Corporate Affairs & Social Responsibility, Edrington USA

We have faced hardships that will leave marks on us for years to come. But we can move gracefully forward with comfort & joy, feeling merry & bright, staying safe & sound, and treasuring our hearth & home.

We hope that you enjoy the holiday season and join us in practicing responsibility. We wish you and yours a wonderful, safe, happy, and healthy season of giving and reflection.

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