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A Message from Chris Swonger: Have A Responsible Holiday

Season’s greetings! As the holiday season continues to unfold, we find ourselves increasingly busy with work, family, and other commitments. While the holidays can be one of the most fun times of the year, they are also a time when we must be especially mindful not to overdo it—not only when it comes to spending more than we budgeted, but also when it comes to drinking more than we should.

This season, we’re encouraging Americans to #HolidayResponsibly. Here are some ways you can ensure that everyone stays safe during the holiday season.

  • Never drive drunk -- always plan ahead how you will get home safely and stick to that plan.
  • Understand what affects your blood alcohol content (BAC). Please visit our Virtual Bar to learn how the amount of alcohol you drink, food, age, gender, time, and other factors affect your BAC. You can also download the Virtual Bar app on iTunes and Google Play.
  • Provide food and non-alcoholic beverages if you are hosting and be mindful of any guests that may need a safe ride home.
  • Talk to your kids about making good decisions and show them that you are making smart choices yourself—especially as they pertain to alcohol.

This year at, I look at my colleagues, peers, and partners and I’m so very proud of the work we have done to advance progress on the issues of drunk driving, underage drinking and responsible consumption--and we will continue those critical efforts. Providing you resources to make responsible choices about alcohol is our mission.

And, I am equally proud of and encouraged by the work you’ve done. By nearly every measure, Americans are more responsible in their choices about alcohol today than at any time in our history (looking back as far as government data allows). Conversations between parents and kids about alcohol continue to go up, and underage drinking continues to decline. Technology, policy, and public awareness of the dangers of impaired driving continue to improve, and impaired driving continues to decrease.

This steady progress gives us hope -- but it does not give us permission to slow down.

Through the holidays and into the new year, we will continue working to make our roads safer, our communities stronger and our celebrations more responsible -- and, as has been true all along, we will continue to need your leadership, commitment, and action along the way.

We know you will make the choice to Holiday Responsibly, and we look forward to working alongside you to champion progress on these issues in a new decade.

Thank you for your strong support of our organization’s mission, our team’s work and our nation’s communities.

Happy Holidays,

Chris Swonger

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