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STOP HRID Webinar (May 27, 2020)


Data Collection and Analysis Checklist

Learn more about how each state should collect data to understand the impaired driving problem.

Federal Legislative Checklist

Learn more about how federal legislators can deter high-risk impaired driving.

State Checklist

Learn more about what states can do to deter high-risk impaired driving.

GHSA Report: High-Risk Impaired Drivers: Combating a Critical Threat

GHSA's report, "High-Risk Impaired Drivers: Combating a Critical Threat," focuses on the challenges and opportunities associated with the high-risk impaired driver — a person who lacks the restraint or self-control to resist driving impaired.

Promising Programs

High-Risk Impaired Driver Explanation Video

Houston S.O.B.E.R. Court: Treatment, Education and Supervision for High-Risk Impaired Drivers

CARS Mental Health Screening and Assessment Tool

Research tells us that 45% of repeat DUI offenders suffer from a mental health disorder in addition to lifetime alcohol disorder. Repeat DUI offenders are highly resistant to change despite previous sanctions, treatment or education efforts. Untreated, undiagnosed mental health issues are likely a major contributing factor to their dangerous, and often deadly, behavior.


Electronic warrants (eWarrants) are an important tool to help law enforcement get impaired drivers off the roads. Automated warrant processes give law enforcement a streamlined tool to ensure people who drive impaired are held accountable.  

Repeat DUI offenses are complex. Watch this video to learn why they can slip through the cracks.


Who is a High-Risk Impaired Driver?

Multi-Substance Impaired Drivers

Top 10 Priority Solutions to Combat High-Risk Impaired Driving

System Reforms

Law Enforcement Reform

Judicial Reform

Toxicology Reform

Prosecution Reform

Community Supervision Reform

Treatment Reform

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