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Responsibility Starts With Me - Bartenders

The place was just opening up when we got there, a friendly smile greeted us at the doorway.

“So glad you all could make it!”

We made small talk – he was the master of small talk. A multitasking wizard - cleaning, unloading, and preparing all while briefing us on his day ahead.

“Start with unpacking any bottles, then go into cutting lemons and limes, then read over the specials for the day…”

He made us excited to be there, he made us happy we met him. He’s good at his job: Patrick is a bartender.  

Each day, and night, bartenders like Patrick show up to serve their customers, returning and new. Their job is to create an atmosphere that is fun but responsible, loud but considerate, and most importantly -- trustworthy. These atmospheres are important because it shapes our night -- a bartender can be responsible for discouraging more drinks, slipping a water next to you, or suggesting food.

We spoke with a handful of bartenders, veteran and new, to hear how responsibility #StartsWithMe behind the bar.

We heard anecdotes about the over-consumers, tactics to getting customers home safely, how you can determine whether to cut off a patron, and their own take on mixing a successful evening: Quality conversation, good music, and responsibly-poured drinks.

We believe bartenders can be the gatekeepers to a responsible night. Although responsibility always starts with the individual, a bartender can help give you the tools you need to make smart decisions. They want us leaving their establishments safely, they want us to return for more conversations and nights out in the future.

Patrick was just one of the bartenders who, by sharing his day, made us excited to get to know the person behind our bar. Listen to more responses on how each of these bartenders takes their role in your night seriously.

Share with your favorite bartender. Use #StartsWithMe to show us how you feel it starts with YOU to have a responsible night out during April, Alcohol Responsibility Month.


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