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They’ve Got Your Heart, We’ve Got Your BAC

Whether you’re sitting at home with Ben & Jerry, your favorite toddy, or out on your five-star restaurant date -  let’s talk about keeping it light this Valentine’s Day.

I may not have grand plans on February 14, but it brings up a great topic: dating and drinking. As a single, twenty-something, in the city, I’ve learned a few things through crowdsourcing between friends and personal experience about why its best to not get three sheets to the wind when you’re on a date (or any other time, for that matter). The do’s, the don’ts and the “I so shouldn’t have’s” can be difficult to navigate in the early stages of a relationship, but there are a few steps you can take to make sure you have the most successful dating experience when alcohol’s involved.

Quit the nervous sipping, it’ll catch up with you.

If you’ve got the butterflies, it’s a normal reaction to want to do something with your hands or allow the action of sipping to release some anxiety. As soon as you catch yourself doing it, put your napkin in your hand and use it as an sort of stress ball - to have something to squeeze. It sounds weird, but it helps get some nervous energy out. Don’t take it out on your drink.

This is really hard for me to say, but this is one thing where men and women are not equal.

As women, we can do everything a man can do. Except go drink-for-drink with a guy. Men and women metabolize alcohol differently. Drinking means different things for a woman’s body. Know your body, know your limits and don’t try to “keep up.” Here’s an infographic to put things into perspective.


Don’t drink on an empty stomach.

Even if you’re getting dinner together, eat a little snack before you meet up to make sure you’re never drinking on an empty stomach. Food greatly affects your BAC and how you metabolize your drinks. We have a Virtual Bar that tells you what your BAC can be after eating and drinking depending on your sex, height and weight. Check it out to get an idea of what you need to chow down on before a date to get a better handle on your night.

We’ve got your BAC

At – we want to help you set yourself up for success. We give you resources like our Virtual Bar ,so you can get to know your body that much better. By knowing how alcohol affects you personally, you’re ready to stay composed and have the best experience while out drinking. I like to also take it upon myself to exit a date in style and hop in the back of a cab. It makes a statement that you’ve got it together.

Oh, and did I mention I’m free February 14th?

As the online voice of Ask, Listen, Learn: Kids and Alcohol Don’t Mix and manager of #TalkEarly, Genevieve Adams, Manager Communications, has always had a philanthropic spirit and enjoys working for a non-profit that positively impacts our nation’s youth.

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